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    Josh Rosen has been criticized by experts in various assessments before the draft. However, during an ESPN interview, Rosen sought to clarify questions about his misunderstood personality and the status of all top quarterbacks in this year's draft. Although the media did not appraise him, Rosen still burst into confidence. "I'm the best quarterback in the draft. Many people are more brilliant, but I think I'm the most efficient quarterback with the most consistent draft this year," Rosen said. "(Aaron-Rogers) has some interesting places, but if you pay attention to Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, No one has an explosive performance or like Johnny Manziel. They only serve quarterbacks." When asked what his career goals are, Rosen said that he is better than the greatest player in history. "I want to be very good at everything I do," Rosen said. "In terms of football, I have always worshipped Kellen Moore of Boyes State University. I think he is the coolest player in the history of university history. I think it is cool to win at most. So I want to be the quarterback with the most wins in NFL history. I want to win the most games and most of the key. I will say 6 champions, but if Tom Brady gets 6 keys, I will Want to win 7 championships." Rosen also said in his interview that he usually has a wide range of interests and he dares to speak on topics he cares about. However, he promised he would still put rugby first. nfl shop near me,nfl team shop,official nfl jerseys,official nfl shop


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